Several lacs of females and males are suffering from STERILITY in India and all over the world. There is a general understanding that perhaps homœopathy has nothing to offer on this subject. As a fact of the matter, homœopathy can greatly assist to those couples who are not blessed with a child in spite of their ardent desire and efforts due to sterility either on the part of the female or the male. Homœopathy can change their life to happiness by begetting children in their homes as well as fertile and healthy life. However, on the other hand, treating sterility homœopathically is the most safest and effective in the hands of qualified classical homœopathic practitioners.

STERILITY means difficult or no conception and in other word it is inability on the part of the female or the male partner to produce any offspring.

Formerly and even now the ignorant society or the relations attributed the non-birth of children to the sterility in the female and ignored the husband altogether. It should be noted that in man sterility and impotence are two different terms. Impotence means inability to sexually gratify a woman and sterility means inability to impregnate her. An impotent can be sterile. For conception, only the discharge of semen with living sperms is required. It does not matter whether the erection is strong or the retentive power is long or the female is duly satisfied. The sterility on the part of the male is the absence of living sperms in the semen. Either they are not present at all or are dead. In such a case a man cannot produce however virile he may be. Gonorrhœa and Syphilis are the common and unquestionable causes of depriving the semen of spermatozoa.

Thus the first step to be taken is to get the semen tested before the cause is assigned to the sterility of the wife. If the semen is found lacking in sperms, a well qualified homœopathic practitioner can assist in producing them in plenty. However, if the semen is found quite normal then the cause should be treated out in the female.



  • Sometimes the cause is the presence of acidic secretions specially lactic acid in the vagina and soon as the semen is discharged all the sperms are killed as they cannot live in acid. But the acidity is only detrimental to pregnancy when the male organ is too small to ejaculate the semen direct into the uterus.
  • In individual females the depth of the vaginal cavity varies. In every female the depth is equal to the length of her finger. Thus, female possessing a long middle finger requires a long organ and vice versa. A male organ a little (1 or 2 inches) longer than her middle finger is quite sufficient for her individual purpose.
  • Having intercourse when both the partners are not willing.
  • The correct posture of intercourse is also imperative. Thus, female should lie flat on the back with the man upon her with his face downwards. Her legs should be intercross each other over the man. This posture brings the uterus a little forward and it increases the possibility of impregnation.
  • Intercourse should take place 3 hours after meals. Intercourse should not be taken place just after meals or taking plenty of water.
  • It is also injurious when one (female or male) is extremely hungry or thirsty.
  • Sexual meeting should never be arranged during menses.
  • Place of sexual meeting should be free from interruption and it should be peaceful and comfortable. One should not have any fear of some ones intrusion or arrival during the act of intercourse.
  • Diet which is sour or rich in acids should be given up.
  • Leucorrhœa, painful and scanty menses, amenorrhœa, excessive menstrual flow are also responsible for sterility.
  • Sometimes sterility is due to failure of the ovaries to yield the ova. Conception is only possible when sperm comes in contact with the ovum of the same side.
  • Female’s right and left ovaries produce one ovum every month. One month there is the right ovum and the other month the left. The left sperm and right ovum, and the right sperm and the left ovum cannot unite. Thus pregnancy does not take place.
  • It should be found out if she is FRIGID or if there is any abnormality in menses. It is also imperative to find her sexual feelings.
  • When there is a fault in ovaries, menses are scanty and there is pain in the breast.
  • New growths – fibroids and cancer, etc.
  • Sterility is also caused if there is any tumour in uterus or ovary.
  • Discharge of mucus from vagina after an embrace in female and sterility as a result thereof.
  • Prolapsus of uterus. Uterine displacement.
  • Hypertrophy of the cervix.
  • Too frequent intercourse.
  • Irregularity of menses.
  • Dysmenorrhœa.