Brights Disease (Inflammation of the kidneys–Nephritis)

Aconite N
When brought on by cold or sudden suppression of perspiration by sitting or lying on damp ground, followed by restlessness, thirst, headache and sudden suppression of urine.

Apis Mel
In acute, cases of Bright's disease with thirstless-ness. In has dropsy; oedematous swellings of the face and extremities- Pain in the head, back and limbs and also in kidneys. Urination frequent but scanty. Urine heavily charged with albumin. Feeling of suffocation and breathing difficult. Puffmess with pitting on pressure. All symptoms are aggravated by heat and ameliorated by cold. Give in low potency in which it acts best.

Dropsy due to inflammation of kidney. Urine scanty and dark. Uraemia with unconsciousness: pupils dilated and insensible to light; convulsions; strong urinous odour from the, body. Effusion occuring within the brain is guiding symptom.

Arsenic Alb
Covers all stages of Bright's disease but mostly indicated in latef stages when watery diarrhoea sets in, with pale skin, waxen appearance. Urine loaded with casts and albumin. Thirst for small quantities of water at short intervals. Desire for warmth. Restlessness, puffiness of face, anguish, fear of death. Convulsions.

Cannabis Sativa
Stoppage of urinary duct by pus and mucus. Urine turbid, reddish. Emission drop by drop. Stiches and burning in urethra.

Kali Chlor
Violent nephritis with scanty dark albuminous urine containing casts.

Calcarea Sulph
Anaemia, with progressive emaciation and debility. There is pus in urine. Burning during urination. Much distension of the abdomen. Catarrhal headaches.

Mercurius Cor
Indicated in large white kidney. Scanty and red urine with albumin and casts. Nephritis of pregnancy. Suppurative nephritis. Swelling of feet from fifth to seventh month of pregnancy.

Picric Acid
Hemoglobinuria. Urine contains much indican, granular cylinders and fatty degenerated epithelium. Inflammation of kidneys with profound weakness, dark, bloody, scanty urine. Nightly urging.

Hemoglobinuria. Urine turbid brown with red sediment and blood.

Uraemic delusions with sense of persecution. Suppression of urine with restlessness, flushed face, sparkling eyes. Urge to pass urine but nothing is voided, there being no urine in the bladder. Dropsy after scarlet fever or diphtheria. Urination painful, only a few drops passing at a times. The urine is scaldy and bloody.

In early stages of congestion of kidneys. Urine bloody with pain along the ureters and in the back.

Granular degeneration of kidneys, gouty kidney. Pale, bloated, heavy expression. Constipation. Albumi-nuria. Kidney contracted.

Granular degemeration of the kidneys with palpita­tion of heart, slow pulse.

Benezoic Acid,
Renal pains that are sharp and severe, radiating through the back and even to chest. Urine dark and strongly ammoniacal. The odour is exceed­ingly penetrating. Nephritis accompanied with rheumatism is the giuiding symptom.

Mercurius Cynat
Excellent remedy in the first and second stage. The urine is scanty, dark, loaded with albumin. Pain in the tubes off kidney.

Dropsical comdition with scanty urine and thirst. There is no thirst; in Apis with which this remedy is comparable. Indicated in coma and convulsions in nephritis of pregnancy.

Nephralgia. Nervous pain in kidneys, dribbling, of urine with burning in urethra and irritable bladder. Passing urine about: thirty times in the night. Gono­rrhoea, brick dusit sediments in urine. It also cures polyuria. Passing too much urine. Painful urination, pus, albumin and bloody urine in dropsy.

Albumin in urine which becomes black, scanty urine with dropsical swelling. Acute form of Bright's disease.

Tenderness of kidneys to slightest touch with pain extending from kidmeys to abdomen, bladder and down the limbs. Urine red, brown, scanty, thick, voided with difficulty, albuminous, mucus, phosphatic urine, Give IX or 3X.

When red sand is passed with urine with nephritis and dropsiy.

Acid Nitric
Kidney disease associated with ear trouble such as yellowish-white discharge from the ear. Urine smelling like that of a horse.

Arsenic Brom
When albuminuria is associated with diabetes. It should be given when Plumbum fails.