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A web site to find all you wanted to know about homoeopathy. Homoeopathic science of medicine is an ultra modern system for the treatment of suffering humanity that believes in rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health and annihilation of the disease in its entire extent. It treats the patients without producing any drug induced recent or remote side effect. Homeopathy is an evidence based therapy, originated in Germany, gaining popularity once again, all over the world. Here is a place to ask your question and also get treated by Dr. B. K. Singh, a renowned doctor and pioneer of modern homoeopathy. This web site is his endeavour to serve the humanity worldwide with his experience offering plenty of authentic information, disease based presentations, disease assessment tests, case studies, case photos, articles and many more.Dr. B. K. Singh and his team of doctors will answer your questions.Dr. B. K. Singh noted that doctor is pioneer of the online homoeopathic medical treatment. This site has made it simple for any one to avail the homeopathic treatment, from any where on the earth. If you get started now, you receive medicines door-delivered within 15 working days in most parts of the world.